About Us

Grupo Huerto del Cura is the result of more than 40 years like hosts of the city of Elche. We collect the millenary history and culture of Elche, Mediterranean Oasis, surprising our guests with gastronomic and touristic proposals of high quality, based on our high experience, good work and love in every detail.

A solid company, a referent in Alicante’s province, and reconigsed in all Europe like one of the best host’s concept of spanish east coast.

Our good food passion makes our gastronomic proposal a exponent at the mediterranean cuisine of high quality market, a desire of the most gourmets customers.

Our host spirit help us to strive everyday to do better the service that we offer to our guests.

Our commitment with culture and history transmit to our guests the value of Elche Mediterranean Oasis, recognised by the UNESCO like World Heritage that must be preserved for the benefit of future society.

Grupo Huerto del Cura is a great human team that works and grow every day to offer its guests authentic experiences in the unique setting that surrounds us.