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Preparing a wedding is a real challenge. And  Grupo Huerto del Cura and its team of collaborators are ready to help you with absolutely everything. Hairdressing, Lyrica tablets buy online Makeup, where can i buy Lyrica tablets Floral art, Image and sound … and of course gastronomy to the height of your most special day and the know-how of more than 40 years celebrating events. One of our most recent weddings has been that of Lola and Rody, and we show it to you in this great KIWO video.

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The New Year’s Eve Gala Dinners in Huerto del Cura and Jardín Milenio hotels are already a classic of the holiday season in Elche. Els Capellans and the Great Hall of “El Invernadero” at the Hotel Huerto del Cura are transformed for these days. Also the restaurant La Taula del Milenio. Flower centers and candles help to create the most special atmosphere of the year. Hurry to book, places are limited.


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Now that we have overcome the great August Festivities of Elche is time to recover the healthy Mediterranean cuisine, buy generic Lyrica india without giving up any whim. For both are experts Manuel Alvarez (La Taula del Milenio) and Jesús Gómez Bedoya (Capellans). And even Vicky, purchase Lyrica in canada responsible for treatments in our Zen Space, buy Lyrica medicine who knows how to keep the body you want. Welcome to our Healthy Oasis !

Els Capellans menu, http://www.hotelhuertodelcura.co.uk/restaurant-els-capellans/

La Taula del Milenio menu, http://www.hotelmilenio.co.uk/restaurant-la-taula/

Oasis Garden Zen, http://www.oasiszengarden.com/

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Here comes August and we suggest you to book your stay as soon as possible, buy Pregabalin 300 mg uk because the availability is close to zero for some dates. And it is not easy to find a more exotic summerdays without leaving the peninsula, buy Pregabalin 300 mg cheap in the shade of palm trees and our particular rainforest.

Hotel Huerto del Cura   http://www.hotelhuertodelcura.co.uk/Booking

Hotel Jardín Milenio   http://www.hotelmilenio.co.uk/


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Holy Week will be sunny -here the forecasting weather for 29 Sunday- and you dream of running barefoot on the sand of our beaches. Our hotels can i buy Pregabalin in spain and where to buy Pregabalin in canada offer special rates for several days of the week. Enjoy them, can i buy Pregabalin in canada escape, buy Lyrica Pregabalin come in Elche, buy Pregabalin Lyrica uk take advantage of a singular “Palm Sunday”, with our Procession of the White Palms. And come to enjoy the beaches of Arenales del Sol, with the last system of unspoiled dunes of the Costa Blanca, 15 minutes of our hotels. Do not delay, there are few rooms available at this oasis of Elche.

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order Pregabalin onlineVicky is our expert masseuse, order Pregabalin online uk specializing in oriental massages. And now with our brand Balinese hut in the garden is the time to know the menu of massages and treatments we offer. We suggest you to ask for a fruit cocktail, purchase Pregabalin to start or end the session -or one before and one after, buy Pregabalin cheap uk for better feeling that you enjoy the tropics without leaving the Peninsula-.
We also suggest you to visit the buy generic Pregabalin, where you will find massage and treatment rooms and a spacious relaxation room with private jacuzzi and garden views. So you will choose the environment you prefer. The heat is coming, so we suggest, of course, the Balinese hut, with these dressings that the wind moves.

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The new visit of Real Madrid, try as so many other great teams in this Liga 2014-2015, shop shows that Huerto del Cura is a “First Division hotel”. Because we cover all the expectations of the most demanding customers. And football teams in First are part of them. In Huerto del Cura the players have ideal spaces for relaxation, medicine rooms for meetings with the trainer and gourmet cuisine of high quality following the dietary instructions of the medical staff. The arrival moment of Real Madrid to the Huerto del Cura entrance was expected by a large group of Madrisistas looking for a souvenir photo.

FACO Elche, great scientific event and record

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The largest professional event of the year in Elche is FACO, the great international congress of ophthalmology, adiposity which chooses the Hotel Huerto del Cura for its event. And on this occasion he has had record attendance with more than 900 medical professionals. A major challenge for a hotel that gives them all the elements: a giant tent for general presentations, quality catering for participants and technical entire operation enabling bright presentations results in a system of giant screens throughout the great room. It is a pride for the entire team Huerto del Cura to host each year this medical forefront manifestation.

Bye Bye Bachelor Girl!

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We propose a different way of saying goodbye to the bachelor girl life.

We have organised an adios to being single package, healing especially thought out for you.

Are you looking for a specil location in which to celebrate your bridal shower?  Do you want a unique celbration?

Jardín Milenio Hotel  offers the most suitable environment for you to enjoy this special date and the opportunity to turn it into unforgettable memories!

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An Easter Holiday full of surprises

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This Easter Holiday under the Sun of Spain we propose you to combine some very unique celebrations – the spectacular procession of Palm Sunday with the tropical environment of the Huerto del Cura Hotel and the very mediterranean Jardín Milenio Hotel, information pills where you can appreciate the beauty of the Palm trees.

To enjoy this Palm Grove holiday-smelling we propose you an exceptional offer for stays of at least 2 nights.

The Centac visits the Artistic Garden to show it in accessible codes to visitors with disability

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The director-general of the CENTAC, tadalafil Juan Luis Quincoces, nurse visited Elche on March 25 to present ACCENTAC, an application that allows persons with diverse limitations of mobility or comprehension to be able to do a more comfortable visit of the MAHE or of the Center of Congress. The CENTAC is the Spanish Center of New Technologies for the Accessibility, participated by the Department of Social matters and LA ONCE among others, and with support of Vodafone Foundation, El Corte Ingles and Telefonica. Continue reading…

A Romantic Getaway at the Huerto del Cura

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Our Huerto del Cura Hotel is the ideal setting for people who want to enjoy a romantic getaway. Not only does our special environment create the right ambience but each sound, each scent, every contrast of colors, every corner of our hotel, will transport you to this intimate space.

The unique and natural environment in which we are located, makes our facilities ideal for couples seeking a perfect getaway.
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