Grupo Huerto del Cura gives answer to those who want to enjoy our Gastronomy in other spaces. A party in your chalet, a presentation in the city, a very special party… Check our options of Catering to 2014 and enjoy the best cuisine, in the space that you have selected.

The Group also has new locations and farms where to hold your unforgettable event.

Check our options to enjoy the best gastronomy and surprise your guests with all guarantees.

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  • I wish to perform a wedding, communion, baptism or special event in the Huerto del Cura. With whom I have to talk about?

    The person responsible for events is available in the mail

  • Want to make a corporate event,With whom I have to talk about?

    If your company still does not belong to Huerto Social Club, the contact person of sales department is available in the mail

    If you are a member of the club, contact directly

  • Where I can see the menus and spaces of Events?

    Through the Events section of this website or requesting different menu options and spaces in the events department.

  • What is the process of booking an event?

    After a first contact with the department of Events, takes a date on which the idea and preferences of ​​the event is detailed. Once your needs detailed the events department will send you an initial proposal. After their acceptance, you do a first reservoir of the event, variable depending on the size of the overall budget.

    Subsequently, in case of being a wedding, menu tasting will be held on designated days for it throughout the year. After closing the menu and diners confirmed, a second payment is required. The remaining amount shall be paid, extras included, at the end of the event the same day ideally.

  • My company would like to participate in your customers club "Huerto Social Club", What should I do?

    Please contact the sales department at, or calling reservation’s phone of the Hotel.

You can call us on 96 661 34 18