History of Group

Grupo Huerto del Cura has its roots in the National Artistic Garden of the same name, which is opposite the Hotel.

Our history is linked to Elche, a their palm grove and its historical traditions that for centuries have made a specially Elche host city with many travelers have come to enjoy its qualities.

The first known news to what is now the Huerto del Cura are from the year 1846, when its owner, Mr. Fenoll de Bonet, sells to Don Juan Espuche, and where he lived as a tenant Andrés Castaño Peral.

Some years later, Andrés Castaño bought the garden, and lived there with his family until his death. It is then that the third of his sons, José, who was a priest, became in 1900 shortly before the owner and then known as “Huerto del Capellán Castaño”. Some years later the name was simplified as “Huerto del Cura”, a name that has remained until today.

In 1940, owner of the Garden is the Ilicitano erudite “Juan Orts Román” date from which the Orts family owns the Garden and several nearby parcels, which over time, will open the existing hotels.

In 1978 was opened the Hotel Huerto del Cura, as a true landmark in the city, which in those days did not have a quality hotel, in spite of its great industrial activity, responding to new business tourists increasingly more frequented Elche.

In 2000 was inaugurated the Hotel Jardín Milenio second Group hotel, just ten minutes walk from the city center. With his second Hotel strengthened the corporate group as chain linked to the values ​​and virtues of Elche Mediterranean.

Since then, Huerto del Cura Group has diversified and expanded its business to become a business leader of great prestige in the city.