A Romantic Getaway at the Huerto del Cura

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Our  Huerto del Cura Hotel is the ideal setting for people who want to enjoy a romantic getaway. Not only does our special environment create the right ambience but each sound, each scent, every contrast of colors, every corner of our hotel, will transport you to this intimate space.

The unique and natural environment in which we are located, makes our facilities ideal for couples seeking a perfect getaway.

A perfect way  to complete the romantic getaway is with a candlelit dinner in our Restaurante Els Capellans. The restaurant has beautiful views of the pool where you can dine surrounded by Palm trees. Our creative cuisine is highly recognized for its quality. Els Capellans is the perfect place to enjoy a delicious, natural, and healthy dinner which you can celebrate with a glass of wine or cava. Certainly a special moment full of romance that you will not forget.

EscapadaRomanticaWe can offer much more. In our romantic getaway we recommend a moment of Zen relaxation which you enjoy as a couple. You will be pampered with romantic whirlpool treatments.

You can complete your stay with a visit to Elche to discover unique sites such as our National Artistic Garden. We invite you to discover what Elche has to offer you, we are sure that you’ll be surprised.

At the Huerto del Cura Hotel we take care of every detail so that you can enjoy the best environment and the best hospitality. Every moment is special and we are constantly working to make it unforgettable.

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