Huerto del Cura, Jardín Artístico Nacional

One more of the homes of the gardeners

JARDÍN ARTÍSTICO NACIONAL HUERTO DEL CURAIn essence, it was another dwelling that the market gardeners of the time were using, with a covered porch of palm trees that were held up by columns made of palm tree trunks. Under the protection of its shade they carried out the daily chores. Chaplain Castaño built onto the north wing of the current chapel. 1919: Juan Orts Miralles made the dwelling larger and added an extra floor, removing the porch and transforming the yard into a garage.  1942: Above the previous building, Juan Orts Román built the current house, made up of three parts: the dwelling, the chapel and the studio house. The studio house stores the library of almost 5000 models and the collection of autographs, manuscripts and other items of interest, among which are some excellent models of Valencian Ceramics from the 18th and 19th Centuries.