This new feature is offered in Spanish, French, English and German and aims to improve the visitor experience

From March 1st, the National Artistic Garden Huerto del Cura in Elche includes the virtual audio guide service in the ticket price. A feature that negates the sale of physical audio guides and the paper from the brochures, helping to reduce the carbon footprint and being more sustainable. To enjoy this new service, simply access an App through your mobile phone, using a QR code provided at the ticket office. The objective of this change is to improve the visitor experience. In order to reach a greater number of people, this service is offered in Spanish, French, English and German.

The audio guide includes a map of the entire garden showing 22 marked points, these are different stops that refer to some of the most interesting locations at the Huerto del Cura. The first three of them, welcome the visitor, offer an explanation of the origin of Elche’s Palm Grove and an introduction on what the Huerto del Cura represents.

Then the tour continues through the Lady of Elche dressing room, followed by  some interesting and diverse groups of palm trees and a detailed explanation of what the date palm (Phoenix dactylifera) is and what it means for the Garden and for the city of Elche. The route continues making a stop next to the Strelitzias or Birds of Paradise plant; then it continues with the Cyccas, one of the oldest known plants; then arrives at the Pond with its varied fauna with carps, turtles, and ducks. Afterwards, we are shown the special interest of some specimens of Phoenix canariensis and Mediterranean Fan Palm, followed by the great collection of cacti and explaining the peculiarities of cacti and succulents.

Next, it is the turn of two of the most outstanding sculptures in the garden, that of Eusebio Sempere and Jaime 1st “ the Conqueror”,  and close to these, we reach at the Imperial Palm Tree and its history. The virtual tour continues explaining the tradition of dedicated palm trees; the beauty and peculiarities of the Bougainvillea and the history of the Juan Orts Román sculpture. The visit ends by reporting in detail about the collection of palm trees specimens that the Huerto del Cura keeps, the curiosity of the Yuccas area and a detailed description of the House and its Chapel.


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