Huerto del Cura, Jardín Artístico Nacional

The Sculptures


Facing the west wing of the Imperial Palm Tree you can find the bust of Juan Orts Román carved in stone, learned scholar of Elche, because of his palm trees and his Mystery. He was the owner of the Orchard from 1940 to 1958 and, thanks to his efforts, in 1943 the Huerto del Cura won the distinction of National Artistic Garden.
In the north part of the main rotunda there is a bust dedicated to King James I of Aragon, which freed Elche from Arabic reign in the 13th Century, more specifically in 1265. This king was the first to claim protection of the palm tree. According to the tradition, in contrast to that time, he prohibited the destruction of the forest that surrounded the city.
Very near the bust of King James, there is a group of mobile sculptures named “The Tower of Babel,” work of the kinetic artist from Alicante called Eusebio Sempere (1924-1485), Prince of Asturias award winner 1983.