Huerto del Cura, Jardín Artístico Nacional

Distinghuised Visitors


Alfonso XIII

The cultural mark that the Orchard has left on Elche is extraordinary. On uncountable occasions, it has been the place where capital acts of the city’s history have been held and celebrated.

– 1900: The most famous European astronomers visited it to view the solar eclipse which had taken place at that time.

– 4th August 1947: The 50th Anniversary of the discovery of the Lady of Elche was celebrated in the Orchard, in an important act that was culminated with the inauguration of the pond, followed by a reproduction in stone of the Lady of Elche.

14th August 1951: The act of “Alforjas para la poesía (Saddlebags for poetry)” took place at the Orchard, to which a chosen few Spanish literati attended.

– 30th September 1951: presentation and official opening of “Aromas ilicitanos (Aromas of Elche)”.

– June 1994: The prizes of James I for Research, Economics and Clinical Medicine were awarded in the Huerto del Cura Hotel. The 8 Nobel Prize winners visited the garden as the tradition says.

The Visitors’ Books: The first album was officially inaugurated on the 28th of May 1900. Today there are 24 memory books that have more than 14,000 pages with the commentaries of its visitors.

Some of the Characters that have came by the Huerto del Cura are:

  • 1900 Camilo Flammarion: Astronomer
  • 1905 Alfonso XIII: King of Spain
  • 1910 Benito Pérez Galdós: Writer
  • 1912 Victoria Eugenia: Queen of Spain
  • 1924 Oscar Esplá: Composer
  • 1925 Juan Belmonte: Bull Fighter
  • 1930 Jose María Sert: Painter
  • 1932 Niceto Alcalá Zamora: President of the Spanish Republic
  • 1932 Miguel de Unamuno: Writer
  • 1935 Claudio Sánchez Albornoz: Historian. Prince of Asturias Award Winner 1984
  • 1935 Eugenio D’Ors: Essayist
  • 1936 Rafael Alberti: National Theatre Prize 1981, Cervantes Prize 1983
  • 1943 Gerardo Diego: National Literature Prize 1925, Cervantes Prize 1979
  • 1952 Gregorio Marañón: Essayist
  • 1952 Vicente Aleixandre: Nobel Prize Winner for Literature 1977
  • 1972 Arturo Rubinstein: Pianist
  • 1976 Don Juan Carlos I: King of Spain
  • 1989 Severo Ochoa: Nobel Prize for Medicine 1959