Last Friday 23rd June, the eve of San Juan, he left suddenly, without warning; and he left us all with an emptiness that is difficult to fill. Manolo Mas was part of the garden, more than 50 years working in it with passion and dedication prove it. His life is already part of the history of this place. He was in love with the Huerto del Cura, its plants, its animals, the Imperial Palm, every new species, every corner. Proof of this was his WhatsApp status, those of us who had his contact knew that every day he could surprise us with a photo of the orchard, sometimes his beloved Imperial Palm, other days a peacock in full courtship, and other times corners full of calm and beauty that we are not able to perceive, and he did it.

In addition to the orchard, Manolo had two other great passions, Elche Football Club and his wife and daughter, “his girls”. Manolo was a person who loved his town, his family and his work intensely. We have lost a good person, a noble heart that we will not forget. The experiences lived with him remain in our memories and while they are there, “Manolo del Huerto del Cura” will live with us, his dedication, his anecdotes, his smile, all this will remain.

We want to keep him in mind, we do not want to, nor can we forget him, that is why we have made a small corner in the orchard dedicated to his memory, a special corner of the kind he liked. It will be Manolo’s corner.

Rest in peace my friend.


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