The new assortment is now made up of 14 different citrus species, all of which have been

The National Artistic Garden Huerto del Cura has always had a collection of citrus trees.
Since its beginnings, lemon and orange trees have been an important part of the garden’s heritage.
The collection has gradually been increasing in numbers and species so that, at present, we take pride in having a selection of 14 different species after several years of patient nurturing.

So that our visitors can enjoy the citrus experience in full, we have labelled each of the trees with their scientific and universal name, family and origin. Citruses have different needs and it is not easy to take care of such a variety in one place. However, the location and latitude of the Huerto del Cura have made their cultivation a possibility.

This new collection displays a range of citrus such as Buddha's hand lemon/citron; the kumquats, the Citrus cavaleriei or the bergamot orange. Some of them originate from China, Pakistan, India or Australia. But we have not forgotten the traditional (and closer) species such as the orange tree; the lemon tree; the small mandarin orange tree; the grapefruit tree and the Persian lime. These fascinating citrus flowering trees are widely sought after for their perfume and fruits.

Therefore, the addition of this appealing collection will make the visit to the Huerto del Cura even more captivating.


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