The attendees took part in an aroma tasting in which the first fragrance inspired by Calahorra was presented.

Círculo Empresarial de Elche & Comarca, CEDELCO together with two of its associated companies: WOHA (World of Holistic Architecture) and Huerto del Cura garden held a perfume tasting and subsequent guided tour of the garden on Thursday 23rd May. Under the title ‘The signature perfume as an aesthetic and sensory experience‘, this original experience made a journey through various concepts such as the place, the site, the space, the people, their customs, establishing relationships with music and painting.

An activity that took place in such an emblematic and renowned place as the Huerto del Cura Artistic Garden, and which provided a business and networking experience. All this under a cultural and artistic content that has allowed to rediscover and value the potential of the city of Elche and the projects developed by the associated companies. A tasting that also included the presentation to the attendees of a perfume made in Elche and based on the historic building of the Calahorra.

The talk was given by Antonio Maciá Mateu, architect, creative director and co-founder of WOHA, who explained in detail the artistic and conceptual part that makes it possible to create a fragrance. He explained how the creative process aims to “tell stories” or relate to other fields of art (music, painting and architecture).

The perfumes used in this activity have been created with artistic, aesthetic and sensorial criteria, outside the commercial area. The processes in these cases are developed in a slower and calmer way, under trial and error.

During the activity, several perfumes created under artistic and creative connotations that are understood as a whole were tasted. Throughout the talk, the attendees discovered aromas created by perfumers and architects who develop personalised scents that are not for sale on the commercial circuit. A curious fact was that during the talk Maciá presented the first cologne that was made in 1709 in Germany, specifically in the city of Cologne.

After the perfume tasting, participants enjoyed a guided tour of the Huerto del Cura garden. The participants made a special stop at the emblematic Imperial Palm and visited the exhibition room, where they were able to see ‘The Ages of the Imperial Palm’. A selection of photographs that takes a historical tour of this unique palm tree from the mid-19th century to the present day.

About Cedelco

Cedelco is a multi-sector business association that represents and defends the interests of the companies in the region. In addition to institutional work and representation, it promotes business collaboration between sectors by generating different networking actions, promotion, information, support for innovation through the Innovation Agent, participation in collaborative projects, as well as acts of recognition and business prestige.

WOHA (World of Holistic Architecture)

World of Holistic Architecture: WOHA is a comprehensive architecture and interior design firm based in Elche. They specialise in providing innovative and holistic design solutions that fuse architecture, interior design, design, technology and research. Their team is committed to creating functional, aesthetic and sustainable spaces to improve their clients’ quality of life. Whether you are looking to design your home, your office or any other space.

Huerto del Cura Artistic Garden

The Huerto del Cura Garden was declared a National Artistic Garden in 1943. It has more than 12,000 square metres and some 250 specimens of palms belonging to 70 different species of the Arecoideae and Coryphoideae sub-families. You can also enjoy the rockery, which has an excellent collection of cacti and succulent plants, more than 2,000 species typical of the driest regions of our planet and which have adapted to this land. It also has the Imperial Palm and a multitude of botanical species from different parts of the world.


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