In order to make the most of the garden’s environment under the principles of respect and sustainability of its plants and animals, we advise our visitors:

Preservation of the environment

Walk exclusively on the designated paths, avoiding stepping on the lawns and garden areas. It is forbidden to touch plants, trees, shrubs or flowers to preserve the natural beauty of the garden.

Respect for wildlife

Avoid disturbing the animals living in the garden and refrain from throwing objects into the ponds, thus contributing to their well-being and habitat.

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Monitoring of children

Be sure to supervise children at all times. Teaching them respect for nature fosters a positive experience for all.

Welcome to dogs

Dogs are welcome in the garden, as long as they are accompanied by their owners and kept on a lead, ensuring a safe and comfortable environment for all.

Bike parking

If you prefer to arrive by bicycle, we have a designated parking area for them, facilitating the organisation and enjoyment of the space.

Appropriate clothing

In consideration of other visitors, please do not enter the garden in your swimming costume, maintaining a respectful and appropriate atmosphere for all.

We appreciate your cooperation to preserve the beauty and tranquillity of our garden, enjoy your visit!