The concert ended with two very special works: Abanico by Javaloyes and Aromas Ilicitanos by Ibarra and Mendiola

Music has returned to the Huerto del Cura Art Garden. Yesterday, next to the Imperial Palm, the concert ‘Violas Imperiales e interludios pianísticos’ was performed by the piano and viola students of the Conservatorio Profesional de Música d’Elx. A unique experience in which more than a hundred people were able to enjoy nature and music at the same time.

On this occasion, a very varied musical programme could be heard. A total of 23 pieces of different authors such as: Vivaldi, Telemann, Beethoven, Suzuki or Mozart among many others. The concert ended with two very special pieces, performed by the group of violas, Abanico by maestro Javaloyes and the popular habanera composed in the Huerto de Cura, Aromas Ilicitanos by Quitet Mendiola and Francisco Ibarra. The young performers demonstrated great skill and virtuosity at all times and this effort was rewarded with numerous applauses from the audience.

In this way, Vicente Federico Orts, director of the Huerto del Cura Artistic Garden, said that “it has been a truly gratifying experience, firstly, to be able to help the students to show their progress and give them the opportunity to do so in a privileged and unique setting. On the other hand, to see the astonishment and satisfaction of both the visitors to the garden and those attending the concert”. “I would also like to highlight the great work done by the teachers, because without them and their dedication and effort, this would not have been possible,” said Orts.

Every year the conservatory of Elche celebrates a spring concert with the students, in different and emblematic places of the city. On this occasion they have chosen the Huerto del Cura Garden, a jewel in the historic palm grove of Elche. A privileged enclave in the centre of the city, declared a National Artistic Garden since 1943.


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