The exhibition is located in the old gardening hut that has been conditioned to house this collection of images

Since June 8, the Huerto del Cura National Artistic Garden has a new show room, where a detailed photographic report called ‘The Ages of the Imperial Palm Tree’ is shown. This is a historical tour of the unique palm tree from the mid-nineteenth century to the present. The site used to host the exhibition is an old gardening hut, recently adapted for this new use. It has 16 images, distributed in an space of 50 square meters. Although it will be used permanently for this purpose, it is not ruled out that this new venue may host other related exhibitions in the future.

From now on, visitors will be able to access the room as part of the visit, and appreciate how the Imperial Palm tree has evolved throughout its almost 200 years of existence. This date palm (Phoenix Dactylifera) origin of the popularity of the Huerto del Cura Orchard, is also the icon of the Palm Grove of Elche, a natural rarity that consists of a single parent trunk from which a number of trunks (children) grow symmetrical and equidistant from it, like a chandelier.

This curious and didactic exhibition, highlights some historical and singular moments lived at the foot of the Imperial Palm Tree. Visitors will have the opportunity to see, for example, the third oldest photograph of the Imperial Palm Tree, coloured at the time by the local firm Anton Lampistry and made on May 29, 1900, after the solar eclipse; there is other image taken in the year 1919, in which you can see at the foot of the palm tree the owner of the Orchard, Don Juan Orts Miralles, accompanying the then President of the Government, Eduardo Dato. There are also more modern images such as the one made on September 6, 2019 on the occasion of the presentation of the candidacy as “Tree of the Year”.

In short, an exhibition full of history and curiosities that will not leave everyone who visits it indifferent. A very special corner for all enthusiasts of history, the city of Elche and the Imperial Palm.


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