All the restored elements, both structural and carpentry, come from date palm TREE wood (Phoenix dactylifera)

Following several months of work and dedication, the Huerto del Cura National Artistic Garden has finally restored the main facade of the house, which is part of the Listed Protected Buildings of Elche (Alicante). Oriented to the East, the stylish palm trunk columns that support the upper terrace are complemented by the series of palm tree-trunk joists on the roof, which hold the space between the joists to the vault. Finally, and after the slow and artisan restoration of recent months, the main entrance door to the Phoenix Hall and the side windows, have also been lined with date palm tree wood (Phoenix dactylifera).

Francisco Orts, one of the owners of the Huerto del Cura Garden, has been in charge of closely supervising the work. To carry out the rehabilitation, he has respected, at all times, the original idea from ​​his father, Juan Orts, who more than 80 years ago started using palm tree wood. In relation to this matter, he has stated that “when I looked at the final works, with the renovated palm tree wood roof, I could see a dream come true.” In addition, he highlighted the difficulty of combining the decorative elements with their structural use in the building.

In this way, the façade of the Huerto del Cura house looks completely renovated, but following and respecting the criteria that make it a protected building. The palm trees, which are the essence of the garden, are also part of the heart of the house, its structure and its decoration.

The Huerto del Cura Garden would like to thank the architect Joaquín Guillén Serrano and Jose’s Carpinteros for their collaboration in this project.


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