By applying a new natural bio fertiliser, soil pollution is avoided and watering could be reduced by up to 15%

The Huerto del Cura Garden embraces biotechnology, being sustainability its main objective, contributing to satisfy the need of present and future generations and taking care of our water reserves and the environment.With the use of Biopron, a new zero-residue bio fertiliser, solid and easy to apply, allows bio fertiliser bacteria with are attached to the surface of the product to be slowly released; this is a non-contaminated substratum obtained by sustainable methods. In our case, the use of Biopron, replaces no less than 6 NPK treatments per year (about 600 kilos of fertilisers made up of Nitrogen, Phosphorus & Potassium) with around 100 kilos in just two treatments p.a.

Thanks to this new policy, the Huerto del Cura Garden is now feeding its plants and bushes with a natural and balanced approach, which is as well environmentally friendly.Besides this, this product application improves soils porosity and the efficiency in absorbing nutrients, leading to a potential reduction in watering of up to 15%.Huerto del Cura Garden joins the agricultural biotechnology, which uses biological systems and zero-residue living organisms. Its final goal is to promote healthy ecosystems and contribute to the sustainable use of the land, water and natural resources, through sustainability and respect of the Environment.


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