To celebrate this event, the descendants of Juan Orts Miralles gathered in Elche

On Friday, September 6, the Orts family celebrated the centenary of the purchase of the Huerto del Cura Garden with an endearing event in which it brought together about 90 family members, from various regions of Spain and even the United Kingdom. Thus, the grandchildren of Juan Orts Miralles and all the grandchildren and great grandchildren of Juan Orts Román, his son, who inherited the Garden, gathered in Elche to commemorate this event: the century of the purchase of the Huerto del Cura Garden and its Imperial Palm

After the death of chaplain José Castaño, in October 1918, Juan Orts Miralles acquired the Garden in public auction. The purchase materialized in the months of August and September 1919, now 100 years old. José Castaño was born in 1843 and was the chaplain who gave his name to the Garden.

It was an emotional act in which several relatives intervened, and was attended by some provincial and local authorities.

It should be noted that in 2019 the 125 years of the visit of Empress Isabel de Baviera, known as Sissí, who was the person who suggested in 1894 the name of Imperial Palm, the most beloved of the largest palm grove in Europe declared Heritage, are also commemorated of Humanity by UNESCO in the year 2000.

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